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Monday, May 14, 2012

One hundred and fifty white cowboy hats

One of the things I’ve always wanted to do is to go to the Calgary Stampede. I want to see the chuckwagon races, the bull riding (though that I have seen right here in Vancouver – and that bull spit? it’s way hard to get off your clothes), the steer wrestling, the bronc riding. I want to go to the parade, eat at the daily pancake breakfasts – even though I HATE pancakes. I especially want to go to the giant parties every night, listen to country music, drink beer, and line dance.
Today, on my way into work, I passed by the Vancouver Art Gallery, the steps of which are where every type of gathering takes place. This time, there were one hundred and fifty white cowboy hats laid out on the steps. I’m as curious as a cat, so of course I stopped.
The hats were placed on the steps by the Calgary Stampede. They gave out armbands and the first one hundred and fifty people were allowed into the roped off area containing the hats – all at once. Pick a hat, and underneath one of them was a complete package for the Stampede. Tickets to see Garth Brooks, hotel accommodations, entrance to the Stampede, and all meals.
But, even if you didn’t win the package, you got to keep the cowboy hat.
So how could I resist? And no, I didn’t win the tickets to see Garth, but I did come home with a great cowboy hat, and even more longing to go the Stampede. I’m putting it in my to do list for next year – you’ll find me there eating pancakes, line dancing, and drinking beer in my Calgary Stampede cowboy hat!

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