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Monday, May 07, 2012

Monday review - sort of...

When I say this is sort of a review, I mean that. These are movies I never expected - nor wanted - to see. And you've probably already read dozens of reviews - and seen - Avatar.

But I want to tell you, first, that I made a mistake not seeing Avatar when it first came out, made a mistake discounting it for a whole bunch of reasons, some of which I still think are viable. But those reasons made me miss a great movie. But those reasons allowed me to enjoy a fabulous Sunday night watching a movie I really enjoyed.

It was beautiful, charming, insightful, profound. I enjoyed every minute of it.

s for The Five-Year Engagement, it is another movie I didn't plan to see. Oh, I quite like Jason Segel and except for her too-thin body, I also like Emily Blunt. But this type of movie isn't my favorite and as I get too little time at the movies, it's not what I would have chosen to see.

But again, I'm glad that my friend Ruby chose this movie, because it was funny. And smart. And not quite what I had expected. He isn't a loser, she isn't perfect. And the comedy - both verbal and visual - is well done and made me laugh out loud a whole bunch of times.

So, not exactly a review, but a thank you for a movie weekend that I really enjoyed - and didn't expect to.


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