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Friday, April 13, 2012

What I learned this week

was that people truly are amazing in all kinds of different ways, they're creative and interesting and willing to give to the world around them without expecting anything in return. A little like that movie, Pay it Forward.

This week I saw two separate pieces of evidence of this...

First there is this dragon. It was crafted from food, cans, mostly, but a few other things as well. Groups from all over decided that this would be a great way to support the food banks with the food they used to craft their art, and with the money donated to the event.

And then there was this...

These handmade posters showed up all over downtown this week. They were obviously made by a bunch of different people - different handwriting, different ideas - but they had two things in common. They were all on brilliant yellow paper and they all wanted to give you one of the little tags at the bottom to encourage you into random acts of kindness. Kindness to friends, to partners, to strangers, to yourself.

I took tags from the various versions of this poster and have gone ahead and done the random acts of kindness I was directed to.

Thanks, strangers.



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