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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Imitation is the sincerest form of art

Okay, maybe I've got that quote wrong - but I spent a beautiful sunny spring day in Victoria on the weekend and almost everything reminded me of England on a perfect day.

This couldn't be more English - some small coastal town that caters to sailors.

Victoria is, as the crow flies, only forty or so miles from Vancouver, but in terms of weather on that particular day? It might have been thousands.

It was so warm I got a bit of a sunburn - something that's so far from our imagination here in Vancouver right now that I wasn't prepared.

All the stores are English - china, tea, scones, beer - doesn't matter where you go, English is the name of the game. The pub we had lunch in was the Bard and the Banker, then, right down the street, another pub called The Irish Times.

And then there's the grand old Empress Hotel. Inside, it feels as if I was transported to London, dark old-fashioned wood and carpets, the menu features English high tea and curry. The building feels like it was built by English builders (and maybe it was), so there are little hallways and sets of stairs that lead you a half story up, or part way to your destination. Easy to get lost there - and maybe the getting lost is half of the fun.

You'll love it in Victoria - as long, that is, as it's a sunny day.


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