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Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm digital!

Several of my books from the sadly-now-gone Harlequin Next line of women's fiction have been released as e-books this week and I'm absolutely delighted. I'm delighted because I love these books and I was sorry they were no longer available. I'm delighted because I love the covers of all of them (I used the cover of Awakening in my Wednesday post this week as an indication of how beautiful cover art can be). And I'm delighted because now you can have them on your Kindle or your Sony or your iPad or whatever digital device you choose.

And even more, I'm delighted because they're no longer lost in the dusty library where no longer in print books languish.

Four books were released this week (I've set out the links below if you're interested): Awakening, Last Night at the Halfmoon, The Gossip Queens, and a novella - If I Make it Through December - in the book Holiday Wishes.

My first two books for Next - Dragonflies and Dinosaurs and The Sunshine Coast News aren't yet available digitally, but I've got my fingers crossed that they will be soon.



The Gossip Queens

Last Night at the Halfmoon

Holiday Wishes

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Eesti said...

This is a fascinating ingenious character study that uses the Halfmoon Drive-In as a focal point of the highlight films of Aimee's life. The references to movies she seen there that she relates to events is fun to follow (and will have readers do similar analogies) while also reminiscent of Albert Brooks movie "Defending Your Life". LAST NIGHT AT THE HALFMOON is an intelligent well written family drama that will have the audience clamoring for a happy Hollywood ending for the lead protagonist and for her favorite movie spot.