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Friday, February 10, 2012

What I learned this week

was one big thing.

That doing writing sprints with my friend Lisa is a GREAT way to keep moving forward on whatever I'm working on - especially when I'm busy with so many things other than writing. For those of you who don't know what a writing sprint is, it's a commitment between two or several writers to set aside a specific amount of time (we've been doing it in 45 minute blocks) to write as fast as we can. Turn off the internet, ignore the world around you (unless, of course, there's a fire alarm or the bathtub is overflowing!), and write, write, write.

It doesn't just work for the time you're doing the sprint, it works for quite a while after it - but I remember the statistics and I know we're going to run into a wall - somewhere around a month from now. It's like going to the gym or walking or eating well - any of those habits it takes so little time to get out of and so much time to get back into.

But it's such a terrific incentive that I'm hoping between the two of us, we can stick to it, work around both our complicated schedules, and do at least 2-3 sprints a week.

Got my fingers crossed...


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