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Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday review - The Golden Globes

It's awards season (aka the silly season) and I'm changing my tune.

I'm a huge movie fan and, thus, am also a huge fan of the awards shows - which up until recently has meant the Academy Awards.

But, trying to expand my horizons, last week, for the first time, I watched the Peoples' Choice Awards. Big thumbs down. The best part of the whole thing - the Big Bang Theory intro. It was fabulous - funny and smart and interesting. The rest of the show? Pretty much did nothing for me, except for the lovely speech from Morgan Freeman.

Last year, for the first time, I watched the Golden Globes and I loved it. I loved the casualness of it, the fact that it included TV as well as movies - and despite Ricky Gervais' obnoxiousness, I liked him as well.

So, reporting in from the Golden Globes, I enjoyed it this year as well - though I have to admit I didn't enjoy it quite as much as last year. That may be because I hadn't seen many of the TV series that were nominated and didn't recognize many of the actors from those series. It may be that Ricky Gervais wasn't anywhere near as obnoxiously funny as he was last year.

But continuing on broadening my horizons - in two weeks I'm going to watch the SAG awards and then the Oscars, not officially a trifecta (unless you don't count the People's Choice, which I don't) but the three grand dames of awards shows. I am a fan of the Oscars, perhaps because of their production values? but I'm going to watch all three of the biggies this year and see how the season goes.


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