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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Arthur Lismer, The Mill, Quebec

Arthur Lismer was one of the original Group of Seven - which some sources say was as big as 10 people.

I love this painting - it's almost a fairy tale scene, with the colors and the crooked buildings.

I expect to see a wicked witch or a princess or the man who spun straw into gold in this painting. Or any one of a number of heroes or heroines of books written when these types of mills were still around. They were a convenient place for mysteries, lots of murders have taken place in these types of mills. A convenient place for suicide. A convenient place for smuggling.

The proportions are terrific - what you see is the way the mill runs down alongside the stream, and I expect that there is more stream up above to run the mill.

The further I go into the Group of Seven, the more glad I am I began this series of blogs.


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lisadidio said...

I'm glad you're doing it, too! I'm really enjoying it - and this painting is spectacular. I'd love to see it in person someday.