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I live on the ocean, write women's fiction, love to read so much that it's an addiction rather than a hobby (I read an average of a book a day). I live on the wet west coast so it's a good thing that I like to walk in the rain.

Friday, September 16, 2011

What I learned this week...

I've stolen this idea from one of the many blogs I read this week and I'm sorry I can't remember where or who because I'd like to give them credit for the idea. You will, occasionally, find me doing a blog like this, mostly on a Friday.

Now, remember, this is my first shot at it, so you'll have to give me a break if I don't get it exactly right.

First, I learned that a harbor seal can swim way way way faster than any human being can walk so it's no use hurrying along the Seawall to get a picture of it when it surfaces the next time. Each time, that harbor seal will be further and further (or is that farther and farther, memo to self to ask Raymond) away until you're exhausted and that brown head with the big brown eyes and inset ears and great big whiskers is only a tiny bump in the big big ocean. So, no pictures of harbor seals for you.

Second, I learned that if I pay attention I can take pretty darn good photographs with my Blackberry. And, if I don't pay attention, the photographs are just as bad as the bad ones I take with my digital camera. Got it. Pay attention. See above.

Third, going back to the gym after six months is hell. Big. Big. Big. Hell. I have to force myself to go and will have to force myself to go for about two weeks before I, occasionally, have a day that I'm looking forward to going. Another two or four weeks before I realize, oh, look at that, I'm back into gym mode. All I need to do is make it through those four or six weeks and then don't give up again. Don't allow complicated schedules to keep me from the gym, because going back to the gym after six months or three months or even one month is hell. And it's not worth doing it again.

Finally, I've learned that the world hasn't progressed all that much since my mom and dad got divorced 43 years ago. I tried to convince our electrical authority to put my name on our electrical bill along with my partner's name. I've had an account for the past 30 years but when we moved in together, we moved into his place and so the bill was in his name. But they tell me that only one person's name can be on the bill - which means (and this is true mostly for women) that if something happens between us or to him, I'm scuppered. I will have to pay a deposit (a big one) to get electrical service in any new place. WTF? Are we still stuck in the 1950s? I feel like I should start a class action lawsuit against them and bring them into the 21st century. Hmmm, maybe....



Rebecca Kiel said...

So excited to find another women's fiction writer! And glad to discover your blog. You'll have to share a list of the best of some of those books you read!

Kate Austin said...

Rebecca, I'll do that. Keep your eyes out, I'll do that list of women's fiction books I've loved on my next Friday Five. Thanks for the idea. September 30.