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Monday, July 25, 2011

Marilyn's feet

The world really is an amazing place - these very large feet are exactly how I'd pictured Marilyn's feet after so many years of seeing that iconic photograph of her. The grate, the white skirt billowing, and now, a man polishing her toes...

These feet are part of a huge sculpture that now sits - temporarily - in Chicago. Here's a photograph - of the whole sculpture. It looks like her, it feels as if the wind is blowing up from the grate - it's brilliant. It brings back Marilyn to everyone who sees it - how she walked somewhere above the world.

She's one of the people who are magic, I think, who are so much larger than life that they deserve to be 100 feet tall, in fact, that should have been 100 feet tall, because that's the kind of people they were. People who everyone noticed, people who never got a chance to live their own lives because all of the rest of us were fascinated by them.

We can't help ourselves, can we? People who have this magic - and there aren't many of them - draw us to them and we follow.


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