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Friday, July 08, 2011

The food of love

You know I'm a lover of food but I'm also addicted to shoes. I'm not sure whether I'd choose shoes or food if I could only have one of them - and, of course, if I could actually live without food.

I was doing a little research - no, really, I was - on the internet. It was for a pair of shoes for a character to wear, she's even more of a clotheshorse than I am and she has a whole heck of a lot more money than I do. She normally wears very high heels but her date wanted to eat and then walk along the Seawall after dinner so she needed shoes she could walk in.

A little research and voila! I'm in shoe love. I want these shoes and, if I wanted to give up shopping for the rest of the summer (which I don't), I could actually buy them.

Because, I've discovered (a little more research) that they're available at Neiman Marcus. Now, there isn't a Neiman Marcus around here BUT... There is one in Bellevue and I just happen to be spending a few days in Bellevue at the beginning of August for the Pacific Northwest Writers Conference.

But these shoes, as lovely as they are, are way out of my budget. So I'm just going to have to drool over the photograph, maybe wander over to Neiman Marcus and fondle them a bit, and then let them go.

My character can wear them, enjoy her walk on the Seawall with the very sexy Spaniard she's about to meet for dinner, little realizing that he's the very boy - all grown up - that she had a crush on in high school. He's in Vancouver and looking her up.

But even though I'm happy she gets to enjoy the shoes - and the Spaniard - I WANT THEM for myself.


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