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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Topsy turvy land

This is yesterday, a lovely and very cold (for Vancouver)  day in Vancouver in January. At one point, there was a huge nimbus around the sun as the haze drifted in. It was bitterly cold but we walked anyway, from the Burrard Street bridge down to the Second Beach pool, around the lagoon, stopping at Blenz for the best peppermint tea in the city, and home.

This is the thing about Vancouver in the winter - the few sunny days we do get tend to be cold. The only reason we have any sunny days at all is because of the cold Arctic air pushing the clouds and the rain away.

So when it's sunny? It's cold. Oh, we don't have weather like Calgary does - when the temperature (I'm giving you celsius temps) can change from minus 30 to plus 20 in a single day, though we do have fluctuations. The problem is that our fluctuations tend to shift from cold - say minus 4 -  and sunny to warmer - say plus 6 - and very wet.

In Vancouver in the winter you get two choices - cold and sunny, warmer and wet. The good news? You almost never get bored with the weather  because it changes as fast as the days do.

I'm on the fence about the weather - I hate being cold, I truly do. And I can dress for the rain - except I hate spending the day with wet feet and damp hair and I truly hate putting back on my wet coat.

So I settle for Vancouver in the winter. I live with the cold and enjoy the sunshine and I live with the rain and enjoy the warmth.

The good news is that I never have to live with either for long.


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