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Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday and it's food time

I hate to say this but today I had a Subway sub for lunch and I enjoyed it. I mostly, now, take my lunch when I'm working all day, but I was tired of what was in my fridge and didn't want to do anything complicated.

I always enjoy walking by one of the hundreds of Subways there are in Vancouver, especially in the morning when you can smell the bread baking. It smells so homey, although I can't actually remember my mother baking bread and I certainly don't.

What did I have? Whole wheat bread, ham, mustard and dozens of vegetables. I think the vegetables are what makes it for me. I'm not a huge sandwich fan but with all the vegetables the meal feels more substantial. And a sandwich under $4? Impossible to beat.

So you go, Jared - I'm finally getting the idea of Subway. I might even put that particular Subway sandwich on my regular rotation - it felt healthy, way more veg than bread, it was fast, it was fresh and it was cheap.


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Lisa Croll Di Dio said...

My eldest son & his buddies always eat lunch at Subway (or the locally-owned taqueria right next door)when they have minimum days - even though they pass every major fast food franchise walking between the high school and Subway! They love the five dollar foot longs (something that actually fills those teenage boys up), and I love that he chooses tuna or turkey with tons of veggies on whole wheat instead of a big burger and greasy fries. =)