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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday - San Francisco

I've just got back from San Francisco and for part of the time we stayed at a hotel on Stanyan Street - the Stanyan Park Hotel. The whole time we were there, I thought about this poem that I'd read in the 70s by Rod McKuen, so here it is for you....

Stanyan Street and Other Sorrows

i have come as far away
as means and mind will take me
trying to forget you.
I have traveled, toured
turned a hundred times in the road
hoping to see you rushing after me.
At night,
though half a world away,
i still hear you sigh in several sizes.
The breathing softer when you're satisfied.
The plip-plop body machinery back to normal.
remembering how warm you are
and how defenseless in your sleep
never fails to make me cry.
I cannot bear the thought of you
in someone else's arms
yet imagining you alone is sad.
And in the day
my mind still rides the bridge
from Sausalito home.
I do not think
me and San Francisco
will be friends again
we share too many troubles.
Stanyan Street and other sorrows.

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