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Friday, January 14, 2011

Finger foods

There's something very satisfying about finger food - those lovely little bites you pick up between your thumb and forefinger and pop into your mouth.

This maybe true especially for me because, as a child, my favourite meals were at Granny's place. Perhaps it was because they were the exact opposite of my other grandmother's - relaxed and casual as opposed to formal.

But I think it was also because I loved making my own food, filling my own plate, choosing whatever I wanted and it didn't have to go together - I could take a bun (white or whole wheat) and put whatever I wanted on it. Or just eat the bun. I could put tomatoes and roast beef or just roast beef. I could put ham and cheese or neither. I could fill up my plate with tiny sausage rolls - still one of my favourite foods - or with dessert. Fruit and vegetables were on the table but they didn't have to end up on my plate.

At the office today, we had a little celebratory luncheon. And though there was real food - quinoa (and you know my opinion about that - too sweet, doesn't work for me), greek salad, a seafood plate, chicken skewers, bread, etc. It was lovely but what worked for me were the desserts - bite size carrot cakes, lemon meringue tarts and tiny chocolate mousses.

I love lemon meringue pie - and the tarts? Wow. The perfect combination of flaky pastry, tart/sweet lemon and the perfect soft meringue. I could have eaten a dozen of them. I didn't and I give myself bonus points for only having two.

Finger food forever!


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