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Monday, November 01, 2010

Changed forever

I've just this morning finished up a long short story or a short novella and it got me thinking - because the final line is Changed forever - about those things that truly do change our lives forever.

The death of someone we love - whether it be a parent or grandparent or friend or lover or child - in a single moment, our lives are changed forever. And changed in ways we can't anticipate.

The marriage of a best friend, the birth of a child, changing jobs, meeting someone special - friend or partner.

Finishing a first book or painting or game of tennis.

All of these things can change everything we know and think we know. What's scary about it is that often we don't know at the time what these things are - often it takes months or even years to see ourselves with an unbiased eye and acknowledge the life changing force of something - good or bad.


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