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Friday, October 08, 2010

Olives aren't just good for you...

They're one of the most sexy foods around. And I'm lucky enough to live in a city where I can get many types of olives, most of which I've never heard of.

I can go to a dozen or more stores - Greek ones, Middle Eastern ones, Jewish delis and organic grocery stores - and stand in front of a counter that contains 20 or 30 different kinds of olives of incredibly varied flavors, shapes, sizes and colors. They're gorgeous and I have, over the years, tried them all.

But I have my favourite - and that olive is the Kalamata, the lovely mahogany brown oval olives. I buy them from my favourite olive store (isn't it great that I can say I have a favourite olive store?) and I eat them like candy. I buy the pitted ones and occasionally, when I can't get to that store and have to settle for an inferior store, I will buy pitted ones but I'm not happy about it.

I put my Kalamatas in many things - from salads to sauces to that perfect bowl that sets off their gorgeous color and shape so I can eat them with (or without) my meal.

Yum yum yum. Just thinking about them makes me hungry.


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