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Friday, October 22, 2010

Food and friends

I had dinner last night - a fairly respectable Indian meal (you know from this phrase that it was only okay) - with two friends. We all work in the same group of offices though we don't work for the same firms. One of the women I'd known for many years; we'd worked together at another firm ten or fifteen years ago. The other I've known for only a couple of years. Last night was the first time we'd had dinner together.

The meal might not have been outstanding, but the evening was. It was perfect - fun, sometimes smart, sometimes silly, often serious - in the way only an evening with good friends can be.

Women bond very easily so I think these types of evenings happen more often for women than they do for men. I don't know about you but I often find myself in bathrooms or waiting for a bus and having the most intimate conversations with a woman I've never seen before.

Add wine and food to the company of women and it's as if we belong together in the way that peanut butter and banana does or Leonard Cohen and a great rich red wine does. Put those perfect combinations together and you get magic.

Last night was definitely magic.


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