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Monday, July 05, 2010

Honey Do's

I've stolen this idea from my friend Lisa. It's a take-off on the list you make for your partner or your spouse of things to do around the house - Lisa's take was to make a list for herself for the summer of all the things she wanted to do, even if she did them just for a minute.

So I'm doing the same thing and it includes everything I can think of. Obviously, I won't make all of them, but even if I only make a few of them, and even just making the list means something. So here's my list of Honey Do's:

Sleep in past 6:30.
Watch my team (the Netherlands) win the World Cup.
Spend WAY more time walking on the beach.
Ride a camel.
Ride a horse on the beach.
See some great art.
See some great trees.
Buy something unique and wonderful.
Swim in the ocean.
Enjoy the scent of a freshly opened rosebud.
Pick wildflowers.
Watch the sun set over the Pacific.
Meet someone interesting.
See old friends and new.
Get caught up on my to-do list.
Give presents to my friends and partner.
Make a perfect meal.
Drink a new and terrific wine.
Finally, go the top of the Empire State Building.
Have a perfect meal.
Find a new terrific place to eat lunch.
To eat dinner.
To eat breakfast.
Get lots of exercise.
Clean out all of my closets.
Organize my filing.
Live well.
Be happy.
Be nice.
Find the perfect seashell.
The perfect rock.
The perfect feather.
The perfect pair of shoes!
Watch the sun rise and set on the same day.
Have fun.
Be peaceful.

What's on your list?


1 comment:

Lisa Croll Di Dio said...

Kate, I bet I can help you out with a few of those while you're here - I'm thinking the rosebud the new, terrific wine and the fun for sure - and maybe even the perfect meal (though Greg will be more responsible for that than I).