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Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday book review - Patricia Briggs, HUNTING GROUND

I discovered Patricia Briggs the same way I discover a lot of new-to-me writers - in an anthology. I liked the anthology - but I LOVED her story. It was about werewolves (and I'm not that keen on them) and I was enthralled.

I think I bought the book about six months ago and I know I've read the story at least three or four times since then. I haven't re-read the other stories in the anthology - not because I didn't enjoy them, but because, for me, they paled in comparison to Patricia's story.

And it's interesting, because I bought the anthology because I'm a big fan of Eileen Wilks - but in the end I loved it because of Patricia Briggs.

The first book in the Alpha and Omega series is called Cry Wolf and I liked that book, but this book - Hunting Ground - is the second book in the series and this is where the series got going for me.
I just ran over to Patricia Briggs' homepage and she confirmed what I'd thought about Cry Wolf - that the heroine, Anna, didn't speak to her as loudly as did the hero, Charles, in that book. In this book, though, Anna is clear and funny and smart and heroic. She's great.
And I loved the plot - complicated and romantic and wild.
If you're going to read these books, start with the novella in On the Prowl - it gives you a great grounding for the next books in the series.
Thanks, Patricia, for a great night's read. Three times.


Eva S said...

Hi Kate,
thanks for the review and your words about Hunting Ground! I stopped reading after Cry Wolf, didn't enjoy it so much but now I see I'll have to get this new book!

Kate Austin said...

Eva - once you've read it, let me know what you think.