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Friday, May 22, 2009

It's an eagle kind of day

And no, this isn't about golf. My idea of a great golf game is a day at the miniature golf course putting the ball through the windmill and over the castle moat. Or perhaps, on rare occasions, an hour or two at the Stanley Park pitch & putt. That's the kind of golf I love, simple, not competitive except about how much you can make your opponents laugh...

No, when I say an eagle kind of day, I mean the bald eagle kind of day.

When I woke up yesterday morning and heard the news, the first item was about the eagle cam and how thousands of people had watched one of the eaglets die, caught up in her mother's feathers. They watched as the eaglet and the mother struggled to save the baby, then watched as the mother finally flew away, leaving the tiny dead body to fall out of the next. Sad, for sure.

But my eagle day was redeemed, funnily enough, because I actually, on a perfect spring day in Vancouver, decided to run my errands.

We went out to run four different errands all over the city - walking as we almost always do.

It didn't start out as a great walk. We spent the first half of the longest leg of the trip - from our place over the Cambie Street Bridge - constantly taken out of our way by construction. Cross the street here because they're building condominiums. Can't go this way because they're repaving the road. Can't walk on the sunny west side of the bridge because - you got it - they're doing some kind of construction. That felt like the last straw because if you have to go to the east side of the bridge, it adds 15 minutes to your walk. Don't ask. Yet another of the complications of a rapidly growing downtown now focused at least as much on cars as pedestrians.

Still, it was a beautiful walk over - most of the winter walking over the bridge hasn't been much fun because once you get up on the bridge deck the wind is brutal. But yesterday was gorgeous. And on the way back we were treated to a display of aerial acrobatics second to none. Two eagles floating on the air currents over the water - they were with us all the way over the bridge.

And, no, that's not my picture above - I do have one though and here it is. See why I used a different one? It's pretty tough to get a photograph of an eagle on a sunny day when you can barely find it against the sun.

So there's my eagle day -


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