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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

You Tube addiction

I think I might be getting addicted to You Tube - I'm not kidding. I'm not a big television watcher or addicted to web surfing, in fact, exactly the opposite. I watch a little TV, I surf the web when I'm looking for something in particular and if I don't find it right away I start looking where I'm most comfortable - in books. Same thing with TV. If I'm not interested, I read a book. I'd rather re-read (for the tenth or twelfth or twentieth time) a book I love than watch mediocre TV.

So imagine my surprise to find myself surfing You Tube. It's not my fault, though, because people send me links to You Tube and because they're friends, I always check them out. Which often reminds me of something else - some song, some dance, some skit - that I want to see again. And there I am - sitting in front of my computer watching Christopher Walker or Nureyev or Baryshnikov and Gregory Hines dancing, Leonard Cohen or K.D. Lang singing Hallelujah, short skits from Red Dwarf. And of course, once you've seen one, then you want to see them all.

One friend sent me a link to a video called Free Hugs. I watched it once when I first got it and I think I've watched it two or three times a week since then. I love it - it's sweet, it's funny, it's poignant, and it almost always brings at least one tear to my eye.

I guess I have to add one thing besides books to the addiction column. Darn. It doesn't sound good, does it? I'm addicted to books sounds smart and literary. Addicted to You Tube definitely doesn't. But I'm admitting it - I'm addicted.



Anonymous said...

God I am so addicted that it's interfering with my studies. I have started to sit till 4 or 5 o clock in the morning when I used to sleep like 23/24.

It's getting worse and worse for everyday. Channels of vids that I have commented on they reply so I have to reply back + I kinda happen to click on new vids and there is always one or to people that I have to comment.

The GOOD side is that my speech/writing skills and knowledge have improved very much.

The BAAAAAAAD side is that I can't control my youtube hungry daemon, and it's getting stronger day by day. Now I am up to ~10 total hours / day.

I don't know what to do, what ever I think of to not go into youtube, my "daemon" counters it with "just look at your inbox you don't have reply" or "only 5 min man" or "find that song that you like to listen to when you study only that song" etc....

I think the only way is to lock my sorry ass up, because I don't think that any talking can make it better :( By the way I'm also married and have 1 kid(soon 2).

/The looser

Anonymous said...

I like how your grammar sucks, and you mis-used the word "to" and et-cetera, while you claim that your "speech/writing skills and knowledge have improved very much." I find it very contradictory and makes me think that there really isn't a good side to this addiction you have. I apologize for the bluntness.

-critical critic-