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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Vancouver at its best

It was an absolutely gorgeous day in Vancouver yesterday - the sun was shining, the sky was the most incredible blue, and there was fresh snow on all of the mountains.

I spent the morning walking, first across my favorite bridge - the Burrard Street bridge - the one I see out my window every day, and then back into downtown across another bridge, the Granville Street bridge. What I don't like about the Granville bridge is that when you're walking, the railings on the outside of the sidewalks are just that - railings - and there's a big gap between the sidewalk and the bottom of the railings. As I'm walking, I can see right down into the water - and it's a LONG way down. Makes me a little nervous, though there was years (10 years ago) when I couldn't even have walked across that bridge.

Anyway, I'm including some photographs of what Vancouver looks like at its very best. I've finally figured out how to use my digital camera. It was never complicated, it's just that I love my Olympus and I didn't want to give it up. But using this is so easy, and getting the photos up on my blog is such a treat, that I'm pretty sure I won't go back to the regular camera, no matter how much I love it.


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hackettparents said...

Beautiful pictures of my favourite city Kate! There is no place like Vancouver - especially on a sunny day.

You are so right about it being a city to walk in - I stay in the West End every June for a few nights (living just out of town this is a treat) and one of my favourite things is to walk on the seawall and wander into Stanley Park in the evening - it always smells so good and people smile as you pass them. I never feel like a stranger although I haven't lived in Vancouver for more than 20 years.