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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I want to sing the blues...

I spent an afternoon this weekend with my friend and photographer, Heather Armour. We took a whole bunch of photos for me that I can use on my website, for posters for book stores and libraries and other events. They were gorgeous - we took them in the back lane off Main Street, where people paint their back walls with the most amazing colors and designs. We had fun and I got some gorgeous photos.

But my favorite one?

It's the one I'll never use for publicity or promotional purposes - but it's the one I'd use if I, by some miracle, turned into a blues singer, cut a CD and needed a cover for it.

I love love love this photo. Heather took it quite a few months ago and then played with it until it turned into this lovely picture that doesn't really look like me, but is so gorgeous I don't care.

So enjoy. You'll never see this on an CD cover because I'll never cut a CD, but now you know what it would look like if I did.

Kate (the wannabe blues singer)

1 comment:

Sweat Shop said...

That's an excellent pic. I love it!
and I think it totally looks like you.
I can't wait for the cd!