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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Summer Dreams

We all have summer dreams, I bet. I always do.

I dream about those lazy, hazy, crazy dreams of summer - I mean, I dream about having them myself, not singing the song. I never have them, not really, but I do dream about them and one of my dreams is that one summer I'm going to have absolutely nothing to do for the entire summer. I'm not going to travel, I'm not going to work, I'm just going to spend the summer enjoying the beach and the city and reading a thousand books.

I dream about spending the summer traveling. Traveling without all the tourists who are also traveling along with me. I dream about spending the summer in Europe, just me and the natives. I dream about spending the summer in New York, just me and the New Yorkers. I dream about spending the summer on a road trip all over North America, just me and the people who belong on the roads, not all those other tourists.

I dream about having enough time - and money - to go and spend as long as I want in all the places I love and have been to and all the places I'm sure I'll love and haven't been to. That means I need three or four months in each place - and there are dozens of them.

I dream about the perfect summer romance - you know, the ones in the movies or the books. It doesn't even have to be my perfect summer romance, I just want to see one happening. I want one of my friends to have one and I want to know all about it.

I dream about the perfect summer wardrobe, the one that never wrinkles or stains, that I can throw in my suitcase and it comes out looking like new, that fits me perfectly and makes me look like a million bucks (even right out of the suitcase).

I dream about the perfect summer evening - sitting in a cafe with someone I really care about (friend or lover), drinking that perfect summer rose (Cotes du Provence, by preference), eating a lovely meal and watching the sun set and then walking home along the beach, the sun gone but its light still lingering in the water.

What are your summer dreams?


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