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Saturday, May 12, 2007


It's Saturday night and I'm at home (by myself) watching the final instalment of Lord of the Rings. It's not as if I have to watch it - I've seen it many times. In the theater, on DVD, so there's no need for me to watch it with commercials - but I do. I am.


Because it makes me cry, it makes me believe that there are some wars that are morally right to fight, it inspires me, it scares me, it hypnotizes me.

I read the books - as most of us did - as a teenager and many times since. And despite knowing the books as well as I do - I love the movies. They feel perfect to me. No flaws, no miscasting, no miscues. Peter Jackson is a genius.

But maybe more than anything else, I love Aragorn. It's not about Viggo Mortensen (yes, there are some actors I will watch in anything and love in anything no matter how bad the movie) but is about the character. He's deeply damaged, yet manages to become the man and king and lover he needs to be. I find that reassuring and satisfying.

I want to write a character as perfect as Aragorn.


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