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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Weird Weather

You know I've been raving about the great spring weather we've been having in Vancouver, right? Yes, all right, we've had a little rain - but basically the daffodils are blooming all over themselves, the trees are all green, it's really really really spring.

Except for yesterday.

Yesterday it was snowing. I'm not kidding - April 2 in Vancouver and it was snowing. It was kind of creepy in fact.

I know lots of people in the east are still having snow, I know it's minus 23 with the wind chill in Winnipeg today - but I expect that. I definitely don't expect snow in April in Vancouver. But what's even weirder than that? It's going to be 72 degrees on Friday. Snow on Monday, 72 degrees on Friday.

I can't believe it.


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Anonymous said...

Kate, thanks for your help in "how to blog." It was a pleasure to meet you in Silverdale and I look forward to seeing you again at Write On, Vancouver.
Lynnette Baughman