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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden

I've been reading the Harry Dresden books ever since the first one came out. They're funny, smart and it's hard to resist the wizard Harry and his skull friend, Bob.

This season, the Science Fiction channel has started showing a series called The Dresden Files. Based on Jim Butcher's books, the show isn't the same as the books - but it is as good in its own entertaining way. Harry's definitely less of a klutz and more of a looker (no, surprise, it's TV after all). But they're different -

I can't imagine that if you've enjoyed the books you won't enjoy the series - but you will notice differences. So far I haven't seen any other wizards, I haven't seen the White Council, I haven't seen werewolves or fairies. Maybe they're coming up, but the series so far has stuck pretty closely to things that are pretty straightforward and relatively human.

I particularly like the way the show has chosen to represent Bob. It can't have been easy coming up with a way to represent a spirit that has no physical being and lives inside a skull - but they've done a good job of it.

Try it out.


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