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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Witchy Chicks - One Hex of a Wedding by Yasmine Galenorn

Yasmine Galenorn is bright, funny, definitely a cat lover - and gorgeous! And her books are just the same. Emerald O'Brien - the heroine of Yazza's Chintz and China series - loves cats, her tea shop and her kids, her house and her fiance. It's midsummer and everyone's looking forward to the wedding. The plans are perfect and right on schedule - the dress fittings, the band, the guests, the families, the parties, the food. Oh, sure, there are a few pre-wedding jitters, but what can you expect?

At the beginning of One Hex of a Wedding Emerald has everything going for her - except it's not going to be that easy. Everything that can go wrong - for Emerald and her friends and family - does go wrong.

The thing about One Hex of a Wedding - and the other books in this series - is that when you describe the plot it sounds like a comedy of errors, a farce. And on one level, that's exactly what it is. I mean, these books are funny. I could list for you the things that go wrong one after another after another and you'd laugh. But funny isn't all these books are - they're much more emotionally complex and satisfying than that.

What happens isn't funny to Emerald or to her friends and family. They're right in the middle of crisis after crisis and the emotions run high. Add an ex-husband, a crooked seamstress, a cursed necklace, a heart attack and a stalker. Emerald's best friend is in deep trouble, Joe's family are driving her crazy, and so is her family. Mix in more than a little magic and you've got Yasmine Galenorn at her best.

Funny, yes. Emotional and satisfying, yes. Magical - absolutely. And to make things even better, there's a happy ending and a charm for you - the Full Moon Bridal Ritual. Want to avoid all of Emerald's pre-wedding problems? This charm could help.

You might want to start at the beginning of this series, if only to enjoy the burgeoning relationship between Emerald and Joe - it's worth it. The earlier books are Ghost of a Chance, Legend of the Jade Dragon, Murder Under a Mystic Moon and A Harvest of Bones. You can read One Hex of a Wedding without reading the earlier ones, but I guarantee you'll enjoy them all.

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KathyF said...

I have to say, the covers for these books are fantastic! Who's the publisher, may I ask?

LadyVampire2u said...

I recently discovered Yasmine Galenorn when I read about her book "Witchling", bought it and a few days ago finished reading it. She certainly is a wonderful author and I think I'm going to have to collect the rest of her books too after reading this post.

Theresa N. said...

A wedding is the one place we all need magic. If I'd had the Full Moon Bridal Ritual charm for my daughter wedding, I would have used it.

Yasmine Galenorn said...

Kathy F: this series is published by Berkley Prime Crime (as is Maddy Alt's). My Sisters of the Moon series is published by Berkley proper as paranormal romance, (it's more urban fantasy, though). Actually, Hex is the worst cover they've given me--the other covers in this series are absolutely gorgeous and mystical. *grins*

Kate--don't you enter me in this contest, I already have a copy of my books *grins*

LadyVamp: hey there!!! *grins* These books aren't urban fantasy like Witchling, but they're definitely paranormal mysteries.

And Theresa--the bridal ritual is based on a ritual I led for a friend of mine who got married some years back.


Teresa said...

I haven't read any of these books in this series, but they sound great. Think I might have to check them out.

handandhook@yahoo.com said...

I have read all the booksin this series, except for this one and have enjoyed them all. And Yasmine is right, the other covers were fantastic, this one is so different I had to double check it to make sure it was for the same series when I saw it in the bookstore.

Estella said...

Will have to check the books in this series out. They sound like good reads!

RubyD said...

I am looking forward to reading this and more of her books. I really like the way she writes.

Meljprincess said...

Yasmine has such a great site and her books appeal to me greatly! I'd love to read this one.
My cat asks that I read this to him. *g*

ChristyJan said...

I haven't read any of Yasmine's books (YET), and this definitely sounds like a fun series.