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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Have you missed me? I've missed you - but since I last posted, I've been sick for most of the time, including an afternoon in the emergency room. I'm fine now, but I've been doing not much of anything for the past couple of weeks.

The one thing I have done - and enjoyed! - was to draw for the winners of my blog contest. Each of the five lucky winners will receive a copy of a book by one of the Witchy Chicks. The winners are:

Crystal Broyles
Jeanette Jackson
Ruby Davis
Theresa Norris

Congratulations all of you. Check out my website for this month's contest and an update on what I've been and am doing.



1 comment:

Theresa N. said...

Glad your feeling better now!!
Thank you for the contest, I'm excited to see which book I get!
Thank you!!