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Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

It's 2007 today and I wish you all health, prosperity and joy - maybe joy most of all. Because joy can make up for a lot of things.

I don't make resolutions - but I do have a couple of rituals. The first is yesterday I cleaned my apartment, putting away all of the holiday ornaments, then I organized my death (and with it, my thoughts) to be ready for the new year. Once I'd done that, I decided that I needed a couple of words that I would focus on this year, words that would help me live the life I want to live this year - I chose create and joy. I chose words that I could control. I can't control many things, but I can control my writing and the way I feel about the world around me.

Then I took a quote that was on my bookshelf and put it on my desk as inspiration for the year. It's a quote I've talked about before, but this year it feels particularly important.

You can't be afraid to slay the dragon. Mark Messier

This means to me that I can't be afraid to forge ahead, to try harder for the things I want, to stop worrying about success and believe that I already am.

And finally - I did my list of the ten people I'd like to meet. This is the second year for me, and I think that I'm going to keep my list for longer than a year. Of course, next year I'll remove anyone I've already met, and anyone who's no longer with us, but I think it may take longer than a year to complete the list. This is who is on it:

Leonard Cohen
Ang Lee
Bill Clinton
Alice Hoffman
Yo-Yo Ma
Jeanne Moreau
Wim Wenders
Mark Messier
Giancarlo Giannini
Neil Gaiman

A few writers, a couple of musicians, a politician, two actors and two directors. An odd collection, I know, but I suspect that most of our lists would be the same - because the people we want to meet aren't all the same, they're people who fascinate us in some way that's completely individual.

So there you go - I'm ready and raring to go in 2007. I hope you are too.

Over the next six days, I'm going to review books by my fellow Witchy Chicks. If you're interested, check out our blog at www.witchychicks.blogspot.com and, as a special treat, I'm entering everyone who posts about the WC reviews into my website contest. Five lucky people will win a book by one of the Witchy Chicks.

Good luck!


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