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Monday, December 18, 2006

I'm a little behind

okay, make that a whole heck of lot behind - but I've finally got my Christmas tree up and the decorations are out and I've bought most of my presents. I haven't done a single card - so if you're waiting, please don't hold your breath. I will do them, but they'll probably arrive a little late.

I've bought my new Christmas CD - without which the holiday season cannot begin. This year I bought two - probably because I was late. I bought the sound track to Love, Actually, which isn't actually a Christmas CD, but because it's a Christmas movie, I've decided that it counts. And I also bought The Blind Boys of Alabama, Go Tell It On the Mountain.

I hate to admit it out loud, but I will anyway. I have two favorite Christmas CDs. Holly Cole's Baby, It's Cold Outside and the King's White Christmas. I have the Elvis Blue Christmas CD as well, but White Christmas is my favorite. I know every song, every inflection, what song is coming next and how long there is between each song. I know, I know, it's pathetic. But those two CDs, Holly Cole and Elvis, are the ones I play over and over again.

I wonder if I keep buying new CDs hoping I'll find one that will take the place of Holly or Elvis? I have Vince Gill - who I love. I have Nat King Cole, which is also terrific. I have a couple of compilations, a country Christmas, and Christmas for Lovers - all of which I like and not one of which comes even close to replacing my favorites.

It was Holly while I putting up the tree on Saturday. Today's it's been Elvis while I parceled up a couple of things to take to the post office, and I'm playing it again while I'm blogging. Right now he's singing Silent Night, and no one, but no one, sings it like Elvis.

What are your favorite holiday CDs?


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