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Saturday, December 02, 2006

I'm in love!

If you've been reading my blog over the past week, you'll know that I've been without internet access at home, necessitating twice daily trips up the hill (in the snow!) to the internet cafe up the street in order to keep up with my email and blogging.

But today a miracle arrived in the form of the computer dude Derek. A week ago I ordered a new computer. I trust Derek, he's built my last three computers for me, and so I told him what I wanted and around about 3:00 today he showed up with my new baby. And the lovely thing about having Derek build the computer is that I don't have to do anything. It shows up with all the software installed, with all the newest of the new software, and it works first time out. I love it. And I love the computer too.

He's gorgeous. Black and silver, sleek as the Aston Martin James Bond is driving in the new Casino Royale and just as responsive. I now have a big flat screen, big enough to display any picture I want, with a lovely soft touch black keyboard and a matching mouse. It's just like having a new car - not that I've ever had a new car.

Though once, too many years ago to admit to, I did buy a secondhand blue TR6 and I named her Penelope. I loved that car - I miss her, though I have to admit that I don't miss the cost of keeping her. She was a very expensive toy. But back to my new expensive toy...

How do I know that my computer is male? I'm not sure, it just seems obvious to me and now I have to come up with name. Something sexy and sleek and smart. I'm sure it won't be long before I think of it.

Does your computer have a name? Does your car have a name? My cello does - also male and named Caravaggio (after the painter and the great character in Michael Ondaatje's books In the Skin of a Lion and The English Patient).


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