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Thursday, November 23, 2006

It's a good news, bad news kind of day

I'll tell you the bad news first - my internet access, for the first time I can remember, is down and I'm not sure I can fix it, at least for a while. It's weird, though, because I use Yahoo Messenger and I know the computer's connected to the internet because I get messages to tell me when I get email, I just can't get Explorer to connect. The good news is that I'm not spending a whole lot of time on email and surfing, which leads to the really good news.

I'm celebrating! I finished Seeing Death today and I like it, like the ending that showed up out of nowhere. Now all I have to do is a quick runthrough tomorrow and I can send it off to my agent and it's off my desk. Whew. Quelle relief.

As for the internet problem, it's not entirely my problem, I think it's mostly Microsoft's problem. Warning: DO NOT install Internet Explorer Version 7 yet. Unless you're an expert, it's going to confuse your system. I was tired and in a hurry and when I was doing my updates yesterday it asked me if I wanted to install it and instead of no - I don't believe in fixing things that aren't broke - I clicked yes, and then when it was too late to stop it, realized I'd made a mistake. And no one can quite figure out how to fix it.

The other good news is that I've ordered a new computer and the guy who builds them for me will also fix my internet access in the next week or so. So I've definitely come down on the side of more good news than bad.

But I have to say that I did enjoy my day without email. And I'm wondering whether that's a good idea for me, to allow myself two email hours a day or something of that sort. I don't know whether I'll always be able to do it, but I bet if I once get in the habit of it, it'll be worth it.

So if this seems a trifle disjoined it's because I'm sitting in an internet cafe and I'm using a different keyboard and a different screen and a different chair. All of which leads to an awkwardness that I don't usually feel sitting in front of the computer.

Oh, well, at least right now it's not pouring.


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