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Friday, November 10, 2006

Disappearing Nightly

I've been looking at this book in the bookstores because I loved both the title and the cover - I mean, who could resist this cover? And it's a big season for magicians. There are movies - The Prestige and The Illusionist. There are TV shoes - CrissAngel and David Copperfield. Magicians seem to be in vogue.

But I tend to like fantasies that are based in our world, I love books set in New York and in the theatre - this book fulfills of that and more. Because it's funny.

Esther Diamond is an actor - but she's (oh, surprise) been resting (read working as a waitress 50 hours a week at minimum wage) for the past four months so she's delighted to get a job as a chorus nymph and understudy to the star in a new off Broadway show based on a magic show. Now you can imagine what's going to happen - the star steps into the magic box and she disappears. She's supposed to disappear but she is supposed to come back - and she doesn't.

Esther finds herself with a wonderfully zany group of assistants as they try to find out who's making magic turn real. There's Cowboy Duke and Saturated Fats and the investment banker who's also a magician. There's Max, who truly is magic, and Hieronymus, his very odd assistant.

This ia a funny, smart, entertaining book and now that it's out in mass market, it's definitely worth buying.

Have fun.


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