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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I'm off tonight (on the red eye, what was I thinking?) to Ottawa for a conference on selling to Harlequin. It should be fun - the schedule looks amazing - and I'm looking forward to meeting many people I know from online but have never met in person.

But even more I'm looking forward to museums. I'm giving myself (by taking the red eye and coming home late on Monday) almost three whole days to go to the National Gallery (where I'll spend an hour with my favorite painting and more hours with other things), the new War Museum (I'm working on a big book that's set partly in World War I), the Museum of Man and Civilization and maybe even a tour of the Parliament Buildings. I can hardly wait.

And if I can do only one thing? The National Gallery for sure. I might even just do it three days in a row.

I'll blog from there but I don't think I'll make every day -

Have a great weekend

P.S. Forgot to tell you - it's pouring here. And I'm soooooo happy.

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