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Monday, September 11, 2006


I was thinking about poetry today, how it works, how it feels in your mouth.

In 2003 I was frantically busy, too busy to be writing books, so I decided I would write a poem a day and I did it - from January right through until the middle of November. I might have missed a few days but not many.

And I've kept that journal in my bedside table but I haven't looked at it since - until tonight. Some of those poems are pretty good, especially for me the haiku. Maybe it's because they're definitely Vancouver poems - haiku for me are almost always related to the world outside and these ones definitely are - definitely Vancouver.

July 25

Sun after much rain
people blossom like roses
in late July heat

August 23

Long lazy Sunday
and I spoke to no one but
the apple woman

November 7

The moon disappears
and I understand now why
the ancients panicked

Poetry compels me in ways that fiction seldom does - the language, the rhythm - it's all there in fiction but it's not so immediate, so sensual. Having gone back to this journal, I think I'll start this again - maybe not every day but every second day?

Do you write poetry?



Brit Blaise said...

I wrote poetry when I was young. I remember being quite proud of a poem I wrote at one time. What would it be like to do it again? I’m sure it must feed the soul as nothing else does, except maybe laughter.

Kate Austin said...


I write and read poetry even when I'm writing a novel or working on technical writing - even more when I'm doing technical writing - it keeps me sane.

For me, it doesn't matter too much if it's good or bad, as long as I can get it on the page.


Brit Blaise said...

"Long lazy Sunday
and I spoke to no one but
the apple woman"

I wish I was there right now...