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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What Goes With Blood Red, Anyway?

My friend Stevi Mittman says that she's gone from writing historical romances to writing hysterical mysteries. I'll vouch for that - her mysteries are hysterical!

Teddi Bayer starred in her first book - Who Makes Up These Rules, Anyway? - in February of this year and she follows it up with an appearance in What Goes With Blood Red, Anyway? then in the Holiday Wishes anthology in December with me with a novella called Who Needs June in December, Anyway?

Teddi has her own website - she's an interior designer - at www.TipsFromTeddi.com and she's the kind of woman you definitely want to get to know. She's smart, funny and crazy - at least her ex-husband Rio tried to drive her that way in Who Makes Up These Rules, Anyway? Now, in this book, Teddi finds a dead body - her very first paying client.

Teddi has no idea of how to solve this problem but she needs to, because if she doesn't, her budding business will be bust. But with Teddi, you can be sure that everything that can go wrong will go drastically wrong - not just for Teddi but for her mother June, her partner Bobbie, and her possible new love, Detective Drew Scoones.

Stevi's a wonderful writer and Teddi is a great character. I love her I-can-do-it attitude, her crazy family, her decorating tips and you will too. You can check out Teddi's blog at www.eHarlequin.com this month, as well as an online story about Teddi.

Don't miss it, okay?


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Eileen said...

oooh this looks like a fun read- thanks for the recommendation.