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Monday, August 21, 2006

Granville Island

I spent an hour this afternoon - as I do three or four times a week - at Granville Island. It's a wonderful place to shop, especially if you're buying for one person. I can buy a single pork chop, two potatoes or half a dozen spears of asparagus (not that anyone would ever buy only six spears of asparagus).

It's also a wonderful place just to wander around. Today I saw half a dozen musicians - a French cafe singer, a Spanish guitar player, a harpist, a young man playing the cello, and boy and his father playing violins. There are gorgeous flower shops - you don't have to buy anything, just stand and inhale the colors and scents. There are craft tables full of the most amazing hand-crafted art - paintings, photographs, silk scarves, leather bags, jewelry, hats, pottery, and all kinds of things I can't think of right now.

I live right across the water from the island so I walk down to the beach and take a 12 person ferry underneath the Burrard Street Bridge and across the water to Granville Island. Along the way, I might see sailboats, dragon boats, kayaks, canoes, motor boats, fishing vessels, seals, all kinds of birds including herons and eagles. It's a perfect break when - as today - I've spent the whole day writing. I feel as if I'm on vacation for the five minute ferry ride and the half or three-quarters of an hour I spend on the island.

What did I buy today? A bagel for breakfast tomorrow, some shaved Irish ham, a green olive baguette, half a dozen just picked apples and four deep purple plums. And then I came back across the water, under the bridge, up the hill, and home. It was a perfect hour - perfectly spent.


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Eileen said...

This sounds like a perfect day. When did you start writing full time? How did you make the leap?