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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Ain't No Sunshine

in Edmonton or at the folk festival. Okay, today (Saturday) there is, but yesterday it was raining all day. And cold! So we packed up our tarps, chairs, blankets, etc. and I borrowed winter clothes from my sister (socks, it's summer why would I have socks? rainproof jacket, turtleneck). And then we bought rain proof ponchos.

But it was worth it - even the mud and the cold.

Who did we see yesterday? Steve Riley and the Mamou Boys - cajun band and they were amazing, lit up the place even though it was pouring with rain.

Jezz Lowe and the Bad Pennies, from Northumberland - and they were funny and fun and poignant - lovely fiddle and small pipes.

And Susan Tedeschi - big big Janis Joplin voice as the sun set behind her. And even in the rain seeing downtown Edmonton silhouetted against the hill (the folk festival is held in the river valley so the downtown skylight is up behind the main stage) was amazing.

And finally, last but very definitely not least - the Neville Bros. As always, they were amazing. Energy and skill and talent all combined to make an hour that even at the end of a cold and exhausting day had everyone singing and bouncing along. They cancelled the dancing because everything was so slippery they didn't want people to be having mud baths - but even without that, it was amazing.

Hearing Aaron - one of my favorite singers - do Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone simply blew me away. I wanted, okay, I'm not sure exactly what I wanted, but it was such a big feeling, so passionate and emotional, that it almost brought tears (okay, I admit it, it did bring tears to my eyes).

I'll do a longer update when I get home tomorrow night.

And for all of you who sent me your warm wishes on the flight to Edmonton in Thursday's circumstances - thank you. It was interesting in an odd kind of way. Everyone at the airport was talking to each other and even though I'd very carefully packed anything liquid into my checked suitcase (which I seldom do - check a suitcase, I mean) for a weekend, but when I got to the check-in counter, the guy (nice guy in a tough situation) asked me if I had lipstick in my purse. Which, of course, I did - so then I had to put my lipstick and lip gloss into my suitcase as well. Okay, that was weird.

Anyway, by the time I got on the plane - after a relatively sleepless night and busy morning - I slept pretty much the whole way to Edmonton - an hour and 15 minutes of the hour and a half flight. Can't beat that.


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